Friday, May 01, 2009

2009 Little League Philippine Series Summary

Big Surprise in Big League Baseball !

ILLAM with their enormous talent was expected to win. Tanauan however was expected to challenge. Two years ago, with more or less the same players involved, Tanauan won the Senior League championship. Therefore this was a rematch. A chance for ILLAM to vindicate their 2007 loss.

Tanauan got some reinforcements this year though. With Big League being a District Administered tournament Tanauan was allowed to combine with Muntinlupa, who contributed two players to the cause. Makati also had a strong team with players from Marikina added on.

The elimination round went true to form with ILLAM and Tanauan/Muntinlupa topping the standings. ILLAM won their elimination round game over Tanauan/Muntinlupa 6-5.



Tanauan/Muntinlupa 4 1

Makati/Marikina 3 2

Northern Samar 2 3

Taguig 1 4

Camarines Norte 0

In the championship, another exciting game. Tanauan/Muntinlupa were able to scrape through with a 3-2 win. For the Tanauan players another opportunity to go to the Regionals. For the two Muntinlupa players they now officially become the first from that ILLAM spin-off to make it to a regional.

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